Suderham was originally on an island in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Once a pirate city, a band of adventurers drove out the original Slavelords and the city settled into a quiet life of trade and commerce. However, during the Spellplague, the island rose into the sky can became an earthmote and floated into the region of Arkanul. Now, after joining with other earthmotes, it resides over a portion of the Underchasm. All manner of underdark creatures fleeing the destructions of their home fled even deeper into the Underdark, however some came to the fortified earthmote of Suderham.

Now, Suderham is once a gain a center of greed and cruelty. Mercenary guards of humans, hobgoblins and bugbears patrol the streets arresting anyone who causes disturbances. The penalty for any infarction is slavery. The main part of the city has two gates, one for the local populace and majority of the merchants, the other is only used by the Slavelords and exclusive, wealthy clientele. Both head to docks where airships await. To the East, atop another earthmote is Lowtown where the majority of the cities original occupants live connected by bridges and flying ferries.

The population of Lowtown is 90% human and 10% other races. The main city is composed of every sentient race due to the amount of trade that is conducted here.

The main city is four quarters: Official, Military, Wealthy, and Thieves.


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