Mithrendain, Citadel of the Feywild, the Autumn City

Deep in the Feywild, beyond the swirling residuum storms of the Plains of Valdrennai, stands one of the most magnificent cities ever constructed by the eladrin: Mithrendain. The city’s name is derived from the elf phrase “wall of the fortress,” but the word has become synonymous with the beauty and longevity of the eladrin. Home to nearly 40,000 people, almost all of them eladrin, Mithrendain is a beautiful city resplendent with soaring towers and graceful architecture. In addition to its proper name, Mithrendain is often referred to as the Autumn City, since most of its towers are colored like autumn leaves, with yellow, gold, and bronze being common.

Visitors to the Autumn City from the World are likely to be struck by both how beautiful and how alien the city is. Mithrendain is built in the middle of a great forest, seeming to spring up from the ground just like the trees throughout the city. In fact, many tall, broad trees are larger than several of the city’s eladrin-built towers, giving the impression that the towers are merely natural growths within the forest. Unlike the Citadel at its heart, the city of Mithrendain has no walls, meaning that entering the city is a matter of walking wherever a gap can be found between the buildings and great trees. Hundreds of streets flow outward from the city center, allowing visitors to enter wherever is convenient upon arrival; similarly, leaving the city is a matter of finding the shortest route to the edge of the buildings. A city filled with citizens that can teleport, even over short distances, has little need for large walls to protect it.

The streets, loosely paved with an extremely smooth sandy yellow stone, wind their way through the city in a rather haphazard fashion. The buildings in Mithrendain are not built into city blocks, but rather cluster together in groups of three to five towers; the roads flow around them, and no dead-end streets exist in the city. Every street connects with another, or another branch of itself, and the buildings allows those looking in any direction to see for great distances with little obstruction. Though many buildings are in the city, each cluster of towers does not block line of sight over long stretches. While walking through the streets of the city, one might suspect that Mithrendain is an unplanned, haphazard city due to the organic nature of its layout, though this couldn’t be further from the truth; the city’s leaders carefully approve of every new building, making sure that it still leaves enough space for unobstructed views of distant places in the city. Additionally, the city has parks with small patches of grass and streams that feed into placid pools, which is where eladrin can gather outside their homes. The eladrin make sure that Mithrendain is constantly filled with gardens, streams, and small lakes, which gives the impression that the city and the forest surrounding it grew up at the same time.

Those who have not lived in the Autumn City for long notice a constant, low-pitched hum that permeates the entire city. Most eladrin living in the city no longer hear it; it is the thrum of arcane magic flowing through the city, interacting with its defenses and with magic on the inside (and outside) of every building in the city. The air pulses with unseen energy, but this is just a matter of course for the eladrin that live in Mithrendain. Another sign of the Feywild’s magical influence is the residuum that collects on the buildings and streets of the city. The essence of magic, residuum coats much of the city like dust does in other settlements. The city’s rulers pay to have the residuum collected and brought to the Citadel Arcanum, using it to reinforce the wards and magic sensors throughout the city. Unauthorized collecting and keeping residuum that has gathered on surfaces throughout the city is a crime, since this gathered residuum is absolutely vital to the maintenance of the wards around the city. Some greedy citizens have been known to keep residuum for themselves, but aside from being illegal, this practice is also seen as a societal faux pas since it puts one’s own personal gain over the safety of all Mithrendain.


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