Liberate Suderham

After the Attack

Moments after the fight ends, two squads of city guards arrive on the scene. Shouting challenges, they immediately move to surround the PCs, but Saffrenia stops them in their tracks.

“These visitors are welcome to Mithrendain and under my protection. Their timely arrival in our realm and their bravery are the only reason I am alive to speak to you.”

From within her cloak, the woman pulls a golden amulet on a chain, its face inscribed with Elven glyphs. Upon seeing the symbol, the leader of the guards motions his troops to drop their weapons. “Councilor Saffrenia,” he says, bowing. “My apologies to you and your companions. What happened here?”

Saffrenia tells the guards that she was attacked by common thugs, a sidelong glance to the PCs indicating that she wishes to stick to that story. As the guards take the bodies away, the PCs find themselves the center of attention among the guards and bystanders alike. Though many of the eladrin are clearly intimidated by characters of other races, word that the PCs have saved a beloved city councilor quickly spreads.

Saffrenia quietly whispers that you need to talk. Then loud enough for the crowd to hear, she says: “Before the attack, I was on my way to a council celebration. I would be honored if my saviors would join me.”

Saffrenia leads the party away from the market. Though the PCs continue to draw gawkers, the eladrin give them a wide enough berth for Saffrenia to quietly speak.

“I have lived in Mithrendain all my life, and have been privileged to serve the city as a councilor for many years. Recently, however, I have grown to suspect that a kind of corruption festers at the heart of the council—corruption that might extend into the city guard as well. For a month now, I have been making inquiries into the actions of certain of my fellow councilors. You saw the results in the marketplace just now. Since you are not from the city, I know I can trust that you are not affected by this corruption.”

“I know of the gate that brought you here. It is an ancient gate that activates rarely and always of its own accord. However, I have some small power with such things. I can activate the gate to allow you to return to your realm. But before you go, I would beg a favor of you. Help me find the source of this corruption and end it. In doing so, you will earn the gratitide of my people and I will gladly give you an honorarium of 5,000 gp each.”

“Ah, we have arrived at the council celebration. Please enjoy the festivities as heroes. And, if you are willing, please help me learn from the other councilors if they know anything about what is happening to the city.”

Investigating Chondalwood

After weeks recuperating from their trials in the Ghost Tower, the party (Orora, Rhea, Shadow and Sora) is asked to look into strange happenings in the forest of Chondalwood to the east. Strange creatures have been seen walking the forest and whole villages have disappeared without a trace.

Several days later, the party is exploring the woods and come upon a halfling fighting for his life against 2 very large drakes. As they fight these two, more appear and the entire party is surrounded. Eventually there able to kill off the strange beasts and Shadow is able to determine that these drakes are not from here but the Feywild. The party has a new member, Angus the halfing barbarian.

Just before dusk, the party is preparing to make a camp for the night, they hear howls coming towards them. Three ghouls charge them but Sora with her quick reflexes is able to dispatch all three. Shadow determines that the ghouls were in fact Drow! Just as he discovers that, three more undead drow appear from the forest. As the party is wearing them down, a large rumbling is heard from behind them and a huge undead treant attacks! Finally, the party was able to fell the great treant and the drow followed soon after.

After resting the night, the party awoke to a strange fog. As the walked through it they began it here voices and then start to see a marketplace and eventually, the party was in an Eladrin city. Not even getting a chance to get their bearings, the party is attacked but Eladrin thugs who appears to be trying to kill a Eladrin mage. Somehow, they think the party has come to her rescue. Fighting for your lives and hers, you kill all the thugs.

Ghost Tower

After arriving you see the ruins of a large tower surrounded by a failing wall. The party was able to find a way to the underground portions using one of the four still standing corner guard towers.

Each tower leads to several traps and monsters that resulted in a 1 of 4 blue metallic keys used to unlock doors at the center of the dungeon. Once the party had all four keys, they were able to enter a room containing 8 couches. Aramel not liking the look of the room, immediately say down which shortly after the room rocketed upward pining every else to the ceiling. After leaving the room, the discovered a large area completely covered in mist. All they could see was large pile of rocks where they headed. Once there, they were assaulted by a sphinx who the eventually defeated.

Taking the stairs upward, the encountered a room filled with plants of every description. Following the maze like paths, they found an elf maiden weeding. They asked who she was and she simple stated she is one of the many daughters who take care of the garden. Following her, the were lead to an even larger garden filled with very lifelike statuary. In the corner, tending roses, was a woman wearing a cloak. They tried to sneak by her but not before she turned around and attempted to paralyze them with her gaze, a medusa!! Once the party engaged her, three elf women appeared and transformed into dryads who used they ability to teleport form plant to plant in order to kill the party. Again the party was victorious and the moved on using another stairway.

This one took them to a level filled with smoke and ash. A huge lake of fire filled the room guarded by three magmen. Two threw balls of lava at the party while the third used its large arms to pummel them. As they party navigated around trying to close the gap to the magmen, a fire elemental lashed at them from the lake trying to pull them in. Eventually the party was able to destroy the elementals and use a gravity reversal trap to go to the next level.

The party climbed threw the hole int he ceiling and were able to lower themselves to an island it what appeared to be a coral reef. Searching the island, they were able to find a ring that allowed one of them to breathe water. Aramel took the ring and swam out looking for what he could find. Rhea turned into a shark and accompanied him. Both were attacked shortly after by Kuo-Toa but with the help of the ranged attackers, were able to defeat them. They discovered a air lock under the water and were on to the next and last level.

Finally, the Soul Gem appeared before them. However, it was encased in a force field that needed to be destroyed. Ranged attacks were deflected so someone had to get next to the gem and smash the field. However, even few seconds, the gem sent out a bright light. Unfortunately, Aramel found out the hard way what the light did. It sucked his soul and all the magic from his items into the gem. His lifeless body fell to the floor to the horror of the rest of the party. Next hit was Rhea but she was able to hold onto here soul but not before she was turned completely white in her cat form which to this day she cannot change. Next Sora was sucked in the gem along with several of her magic items but finally Shadow and Orora were able to destroy the field, free the gem and take it back to Airspur.

The party returns as heroes! Their “crime” ignored, Queen Arathane restored their freedom and rewarded them each with gifts and her friendship. The seer after several days of studying the gem was able to return Sora back to her body, however Aramel was lost! He was given a state funeral and laid to rest in the hall of heroes.

Welcome to Airspur

After arriving in Airspur, capital of Arkanul, you find rooms for the night. You don’t know what time it was when you were awakened, for the room your party stayed in had no windows. All you know is that you have been roughly dragged from your cot by the palace guard, and that you now find yourself walking down a long, dimly lit corridor. With you are the four members of you party, each escorted by several heavily armed guards similar to the ones who walk by your side. In front of you a great iron door swings open, filling the corridor with an almost blinding light. Before you stretches a huge room ornately decorated with elaborate columns and finely detailed wall hangings.

Across the chamber sits a girl of sixteen sitting on a very elaborate throne surrounded by four other floating thrones. On the floor below her is a scowling male dressed as a rich merchant. The girl speaks, “ I am Queen Arathane, and you have been arrested for trafficking in stolen property. This man, Lord Hron has accused you have stealing slaves from the City of Suderham. How do you plead?”

The party argued that they were helping free the slaves (which is still stealing in the laws of Suderham). To Queen Arathane’s regret(who deeply abhors slavery) announces that the party is guilty in order to honor the treaty with Suderham which keeps the Slavelords from attacking her merchant lines. However, since Queen Arathane is deeply offended by slavery, she will not turn you over to Lord Hron for punishment which is likely a death sentence. But, since slavery is illegal in her city walls, all slaves will be immediately freed. Lord Hron raged against the decision but legally there is nothing he can do. He requests that the punishment is sever. Queen Arathane announces that the party’s punishment is to recover a powerful artifact from the Tower Inverness. Lord Hron is pleased as no one has ever returned from alive.

At this point, a mysterious magician known only as the Seer appears from the shadows to address you. His features are indistinguishable beneath the long robe, which hides all but his gnarled hands from view. “It is fortunate for all of you that the Queen is both a wise and merciful ruler.” His words are almost music like but have a strangely malevolent undertone. “She is willing to make you a most generous offer. You shall be freed if the five of you can perform but one small task for her majesty.”

“Yes,” the Queen interrupts, “Recently my adviser, the Seer, has discovered legends of a fabulous treasure rumored to lie somewhere in the ruins of the ancient Tower Inverness; an almost mythical jewel called the Soul Gem. If you can bring it to me, I will grant all of you your freedom.”

The Seer adds, “I will provide each of you a magical amulet . This amulet will return you to the royal palace when you press the center stud. It will work wherever you may be, for such is the extent of my power that I could locate a single grain of sand on some far distant beach. Also, the amulet cannot be removed by anyone other by me and if I determine that you have left the tower in order to flee your fate, I will cause it explode instantly killing you.”

Discovering Suderham

The party (Aramel, Orora, Shadow, Sora and Miew), seeing a road in the distance, head East. On the road the spy a merchant caravan but one like they have never seen before. On the wagons are men, women and children separated into different cages escorted by hobgoblins, bugbears and duergar!

They wait for the caravan to pass them by and spot a lone human following them on a small cart. They ask him were they are headed. He tells them that they are in the region of Arkanul and are headed to the free city, Suderham. There, everything and anything can be bought or sold. He says its no City of Brass or Calimshar but in this area, its the closest thing to it. Miew asks how can slavery be permitted there when Arkanul has outlawed it. The merchant tells them that the city is a free city, not bound by the laws of Arkanul. The reason is that the lords that control the city are made up of people so powerful, the queen cannot defeat them and so are allowed to do what ever they want.

He goes on to say that most of the local townspeople have left the main part of the city in order to avoid the more undesirables that now occupy it and live in a section known only as Lowtown.

The party follows the trail for most of the day and come to a small town on the edge of a cliff. They watch as flying ships take people from the town to a floating island. After getting passage of one of the ships headed there, they approach the city state of Suderham!

The enter the merchants and and discover that there are two main gates. The south gate which is the merchant gate and a north gate reserved for the Slavelords and the more wealthier clientele. Never before have they seem city guards a mix of humans, goblins and hobgoblin mercenaries. Its obvious that the party will have to watch themselves here. After spending a few days exploring and shopping, they discover that the local thieves guild has gone underground and that the fighter’s guild hall has been burned to the ground. They find the master of the fighters guild in a tavern, a dragonborn named Kalyk. He tells them that the fire was made to look like the mages did it but he knows that it was the assassins guild that was behind it. His guild was training the locals to fight for themselves and the Slavelords wanted to put a stop to that.

The next day, they watch as several guardsmen attempt to “arrest” Kalyk but its apparent from where you stood that they were going to kill him. The party steps in and saves Kalyk and becomes outlaws themselves. Before more guards arrive, Kalyk takes them to a tavern that has a secret room in the back where you find several slaves that escaped including 2 shifter children that were bought by a Rakshasa named Nerelas, and a elf druid named Rhea.

Rhea tells you that she had to go in hiding because the Slavelords found out that she was their to take “freed’ slaves to her forest to hide. Kalyk says he is going to stay behind and fight but that the party and Rhea should take the slaves and flee. Kalyk orchestrates a diversion by setting the slave auction house on fire with the aid of some mages and the party escapes to their ship. Once on the ship the party vow to return but need to make some powerful allies before returning. Miew decides to take the children back to their village and leaves the party. Rhea, decides to join the party for now, especially if they are planning on going back to Suderham.


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