Master of Suderham's Fighter Guild


Not much is known about the grim dragonborn man-at-arms. He showed up a few years ago looking for work and saw how badly the people of Suderham were being treated by the mercenaries. So he purchased an old hall that was no longer being used and set up a small and modest fighter’s guild. Anyone can come for training but those he determines as unworthy of his instruction do not stay for another lesson. Eventually, most of the local populace were coming for instructions in self defense until the [[Slavelords]] felt that he was training a local militia and tried to have the guild shut down. Kalyk did not back down even after several assassination attempts.

One night, after having a drink at the local fighter’s tavern that set up shop close to his guild, he came back to find it in flames. Kalyk has since vowed that he would put down the Slavelords and return the city back to control of the locals.



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