Liberate Suderham

Investigating Chondalwood

After weeks recuperating from their trials in the Ghost Tower, the party (Orora, Rhea, Shadow and Sora) is asked to look into strange happenings in the forest of Chondalwood to the east. Strange creatures have been seen walking the forest and whole villages have disappeared without a trace.

Several days later, the party is exploring the woods and come upon a halfling fighting for his life against 2 very large drakes. As they fight these two, more appear and the entire party is surrounded. Eventually there able to kill off the strange beasts and Shadow is able to determine that these drakes are not from here but the Feywild. The party has a new member, Angus the halfing barbarian.

Just before dusk, the party is preparing to make a camp for the night, they hear howls coming towards them. Three ghouls charge them but Sora with her quick reflexes is able to dispatch all three. Shadow determines that the ghouls were in fact Drow! Just as he discovers that, three more undead drow appear from the forest. As the party is wearing them down, a large rumbling is heard from behind them and a huge undead treant attacks! Finally, the party was able to fell the great treant and the drow followed soon after.

After resting the night, the party awoke to a strange fog. As the walked through it they began it here voices and then start to see a marketplace and eventually, the party was in an Eladrin city. Not even getting a chance to get their bearings, the party is attacked but Eladrin thugs who appears to be trying to kill a Eladrin mage. Somehow, they think the party has come to her rescue. Fighting for your lives and hers, you kill all the thugs.



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