Liberate Suderham

Ghost Tower

After arriving you see the ruins of a large tower surrounded by a failing wall. The party was able to find a way to the underground portions using one of the four still standing corner guard towers.

Each tower leads to several traps and monsters that resulted in a 1 of 4 blue metallic keys used to unlock doors at the center of the dungeon. Once the party had all four keys, they were able to enter a room containing 8 couches. Aramel not liking the look of the room, immediately say down which shortly after the room rocketed upward pining every else to the ceiling. After leaving the room, the discovered a large area completely covered in mist. All they could see was large pile of rocks where they headed. Once there, they were assaulted by a sphinx who the eventually defeated.

Taking the stairs upward, the encountered a room filled with plants of every description. Following the maze like paths, they found an elf maiden weeding. They asked who she was and she simple stated she is one of the many daughters who take care of the garden. Following her, the were lead to an even larger garden filled with very lifelike statuary. In the corner, tending roses, was a woman wearing a cloak. They tried to sneak by her but not before she turned around and attempted to paralyze them with her gaze, a medusa!! Once the party engaged her, three elf women appeared and transformed into dryads who used they ability to teleport form plant to plant in order to kill the party. Again the party was victorious and the moved on using another stairway.

This one took them to a level filled with smoke and ash. A huge lake of fire filled the room guarded by three magmen. Two threw balls of lava at the party while the third used its large arms to pummel them. As they party navigated around trying to close the gap to the magmen, a fire elemental lashed at them from the lake trying to pull them in. Eventually the party was able to destroy the elementals and use a gravity reversal trap to go to the next level.

The party climbed threw the hole int he ceiling and were able to lower themselves to an island it what appeared to be a coral reef. Searching the island, they were able to find a ring that allowed one of them to breathe water. Aramel took the ring and swam out looking for what he could find. Rhea turned into a shark and accompanied him. Both were attacked shortly after by Kuo-Toa but with the help of the ranged attackers, were able to defeat them. They discovered a air lock under the water and were on to the next and last level.

Finally, the Soul Gem appeared before them. However, it was encased in a force field that needed to be destroyed. Ranged attacks were deflected so someone had to get next to the gem and smash the field. However, even few seconds, the gem sent out a bright light. Unfortunately, Aramel found out the hard way what the light did. It sucked his soul and all the magic from his items into the gem. His lifeless body fell to the floor to the horror of the rest of the party. Next hit was Rhea but she was able to hold onto here soul but not before she was turned completely white in her cat form which to this day she cannot change. Next Sora was sucked in the gem along with several of her magic items but finally Shadow and Orora were able to destroy the field, free the gem and take it back to Airspur.

The party returns as heroes! Their “crime” ignored, Queen Arathane restored their freedom and rewarded them each with gifts and her friendship. The seer after several days of studying the gem was able to return Sora back to her body, however Aramel was lost! He was given a state funeral and laid to rest in the hall of heroes.



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