Liberate Suderham

Discovering Suderham

The party (Aramel, Orora, Shadow, Sora and Miew), seeing a road in the distance, head East. On the road the spy a merchant caravan but one like they have never seen before. On the wagons are men, women and children separated into different cages escorted by hobgoblins, bugbears and duergar!

They wait for the caravan to pass them by and spot a lone human following them on a small cart. They ask him were they are headed. He tells them that they are in the region of Arkanul and are headed to the free city, Suderham. There, everything and anything can be bought or sold. He says its no City of Brass or Calimshar but in this area, its the closest thing to it. Miew asks how can slavery be permitted there when Arkanul has outlawed it. The merchant tells them that the city is a free city, not bound by the laws of Arkanul. The reason is that the lords that control the city are made up of people so powerful, the queen cannot defeat them and so are allowed to do what ever they want.

He goes on to say that most of the local townspeople have left the main part of the city in order to avoid the more undesirables that now occupy it and live in a section known only as Lowtown.

The party follows the trail for most of the day and come to a small town on the edge of a cliff. They watch as flying ships take people from the town to a floating island. After getting passage of one of the ships headed there, they approach the city state of Suderham!

The enter the merchants and and discover that there are two main gates. The south gate which is the merchant gate and a north gate reserved for the Slavelords and the more wealthier clientele. Never before have they seem city guards a mix of humans, goblins and hobgoblin mercenaries. Its obvious that the party will have to watch themselves here. After spending a few days exploring and shopping, they discover that the local thieves guild has gone underground and that the fighter’s guild hall has been burned to the ground. They find the master of the fighters guild in a tavern, a dragonborn named Kalyk. He tells them that the fire was made to look like the mages did it but he knows that it was the assassins guild that was behind it. His guild was training the locals to fight for themselves and the Slavelords wanted to put a stop to that.

The next day, they watch as several guardsmen attempt to “arrest” Kalyk but its apparent from where you stood that they were going to kill him. The party steps in and saves Kalyk and becomes outlaws themselves. Before more guards arrive, Kalyk takes them to a tavern that has a secret room in the back where you find several slaves that escaped including 2 shifter children that were bought by a Rakshasa named Nerelas, and a elf druid named Rhea.

Rhea tells you that she had to go in hiding because the Slavelords found out that she was their to take “freed’ slaves to her forest to hide. Kalyk says he is going to stay behind and fight but that the party and Rhea should take the slaves and flee. Kalyk orchestrates a diversion by setting the slave auction house on fire with the aid of some mages and the party escapes to their ship. Once on the ship the party vow to return but need to make some powerful allies before returning. Miew decides to take the children back to their village and leaves the party. Rhea, decides to join the party for now, especially if they are planning on going back to Suderham.



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