Liberate Suderham

After the Attack

Moments after the fight ends, two squads of city guards arrive on the scene. Shouting challenges, they immediately move to surround the PCs, but Saffrenia stops them in their tracks.

“These visitors are welcome to Mithrendain and under my protection. Their timely arrival in our realm and their bravery are the only reason I am alive to speak to you.”

From within her cloak, the woman pulls a golden amulet on a chain, its face inscribed with Elven glyphs. Upon seeing the symbol, the leader of the guards motions his troops to drop their weapons. “Councilor Saffrenia,” he says, bowing. “My apologies to you and your companions. What happened here?”

Saffrenia tells the guards that she was attacked by common thugs, a sidelong glance to the PCs indicating that she wishes to stick to that story. As the guards take the bodies away, the PCs find themselves the center of attention among the guards and bystanders alike. Though many of the eladrin are clearly intimidated by characters of other races, word that the PCs have saved a beloved city councilor quickly spreads.

Saffrenia quietly whispers that you need to talk. Then loud enough for the crowd to hear, she says: “Before the attack, I was on my way to a council celebration. I would be honored if my saviors would join me.”

Saffrenia leads the party away from the market. Though the PCs continue to draw gawkers, the eladrin give them a wide enough berth for Saffrenia to quietly speak.

“I have lived in Mithrendain all my life, and have been privileged to serve the city as a councilor for many years. Recently, however, I have grown to suspect that a kind of corruption festers at the heart of the council—corruption that might extend into the city guard as well. For a month now, I have been making inquiries into the actions of certain of my fellow councilors. You saw the results in the marketplace just now. Since you are not from the city, I know I can trust that you are not affected by this corruption.”

“I know of the gate that brought you here. It is an ancient gate that activates rarely and always of its own accord. However, I have some small power with such things. I can activate the gate to allow you to return to your realm. But before you go, I would beg a favor of you. Help me find the source of this corruption and end it. In doing so, you will earn the gratitide of my people and I will gladly give you an honorarium of 5,000 gp each.”

“Ah, we have arrived at the council celebration. Please enjoy the festivities as heroes. And, if you are willing, please help me learn from the other councilors if they know anything about what is happening to the city.”



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